It Makes SO Much Sense!


(from trade source publications)

Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions:

"Companies that fully outsourced their telesales activity received the highest return on their investment over companies that had an in-house call center."


"Outsourcing is currently growing at a calculated annual growth rate of 20.4%. By 2002, outsourcing will comprise 23% of all call center activities."

Sales & Marketing Report:

"Don't waste top salespeople on prospecting: the nominal cost of outsourced dedicated prospectors is offset by two factors:
1) You will do a lot more prospecting and generate a lot more leads; and
2) Your top people will close sales at a much higher percentage, and not waste a lot of time cold calling and running down marginal leads."

Today's sales organizations are struggling to maintain an edge over their competition. Prospecting, selling, and account management can no longer be effectively handled by one person. These three very distinct disciplines require very different skill sets.

Inside Selling: Selling More at a Lower Cost

From: Gartner Group

The high cost of direct sales and heightened competition are forcing enterprises to examine channel effectiveness. The fully loaded costs of an inside salesperson are 35 percent of those of a direct (i.e. field) salesperson (industry outsourcing averages $80/hr versus $250 per standard selling hour), yet the inside salesperson has the capability to hit 70 percent of a direct field sales person's quota.

Therefore, inside sales will become an ever more strategic part of the sales effort. Inside sales will be central for traditional business-to-business and business-to-consumer selling models. A large and growing percentage of salespeople worldwide, who no longer see a customer at all, engage in complex selling.

Seriously! It's a win-win!

You Have The Best Of Both Worlds:

  • New business generated without the overhead of employee benefits, office space, furniture and the learning curve for inside sales personnel.
  • When you hire an elite team like ours - you are putting your best foot forward in penetrating a targeted market.
  • Your sales team has wind under their wings and feel supported
  • When you provide this support, in many cases, you can revise the pay structure to be more commission based and the sales team is even more rewarded, but without costing you more.


Top Ten Reasons To Outsource

Why B2BRWE with Clarette C. Martin Sales Consulting Is A Great Option

1. Focus on Core Strengths

We focus on lead generation - finding the right person and delivering your message. This allows you and your sales team to focus on your core strengths - closing the sale so you can generate business for your company.

2. "Data" is Transformed into Valuable Business Intelligence

We have the expertise and technology to convert raw data into useful intelligence information.

3. Call Quality is Rigorously Monitored

We recognize that the quality and effectiveness of the call is paramount to success and our callers are coached on a regular basis.

4. Effective Integrated Marketing Programs

We provide related services to complement your lead generation campaign, including email fulfillment, seminar registration and follow-up, to name a few. We have the resources and technology in place to respond to a client's requirements.

5. Greater Ability to Handle Peaks

We have the flexibility to adjust quickly and easily to both planned and unplanned spikes and rapid growth.

6. Responsiveness

We have dedicated project team associates for each client to ensure the highest level of performance and responsiveness.

7. Fast Starting – Expedited Time to Market

Our team will hit the ground running. We can set up and execute a program faster and with fewer problems because of our experience, professionalism and commitment to quality.

8. Enhanced Reporting and Unbiased Feedback

We will provide you with comprehensive and informative reports to give you better strategic insight. We capture data for use in enhancing your business strategies and internal data systems. Our feedback is detailed, accurate and unbiased.

9. Quality Results Approach

Our team is well compensated and receives special incentives, rather than paid a low base rate and then paid bonuses based on the number of leads generated. By setting high standards of excellence in client program management, we provide the proper environment for delivering quality results rather than a large volume of marginal leads.

10. Cost Effectiveness

Our program costs to you are a flat rate - there are no employment related costs (benefits, parking, supervision) and you have no additional office overhead relative to the program.  The results we deliver are equivalent to those of a small in-house department but priced at a fraction of the cost.