Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a pilot?   The pilot segment is an evaluation tool to help the client company launch new products, jump-start a new sales department, determine feasibility of having an inside sales department developed and most frequently – to get the pipeline filling with qualified prospects for continued sales opportunities.
  • Why does the quality of the data determine the results?  Lead generation and appointment setting are much like gold prospecting.  As an example: If a “prospector” were digging in a hill where there was very little or no gold in the tons of dirt and rocks, the results would be greatly decreased no matter how much effort the prospector made.
  • What amount of qualifying is done before a lead is turned in?  The client company (you) determine(s) how much “filtering” or screening of the lead is done before it is sent as a lead or before a sales appointment/demo is scheduled.
  • What types of appointments are set?  There are many options:  phone appointment, web conferences/demos, in person meetings at trade shows or in one of the businesses’ offices.  When in person meetings are scheduled, typically the sales associate with whom the appointment is scheduled will do some follow up and confirm before the actual appointment time.
  • How is our B2B service different than standard call centers?  In a standard call center setting, junior callers are plugged into an automatic dialer or other device/system and read the script, verbatim. The results expectation is based on volume, rather than quality and most of these callers do not have any business experience or maturity, so their ability to rebuttal objections and persuade prospects is limited to tactics, with limited product/service knowledge. In some cases, the callers are real whizzes, but use manipulation to produce their quota.
  • How is our B2B remote service different than other remote services? - there is a large increase in outsourcing and a large number of business that do similar services to ours. The main difference is that these businesses are typically larger and hire more appointment setters.  The callers are usually entry level and are paid a low rate, even tho' the cost to the client is a lot more than our fees.  Also, there are more layers of management, none of whom have the years of experience or hands on approach we do.