B2B Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

  • Opens doors to appropriate level managers and executives
  • Introduces your unique product/service to the target market faster
  • Creates a larger & more consistent pipeline of revenue potential
  • Allows the sales team to focus on the qualified prospects
  • Motivates sales team with qualified leads and appointments
  • Refines your prospect database.
  • Can result in additional market intelligence about your  competition and your   prospective clients' structure, key contacts, budgets, and initiatives.
  • Obtain important data (business intelligence)


  • Appointments and leads are qualified according to criteria provided by client company
  • Buyer profiles are developed by client company and/or facilitated by consultant


  • Guaranteed protection of your proprietary data, accessed only by team leader and project associate.  
  • Non disclosure and strict confidentiality of data handling language included in consultant’s contract or inserted as provided by client   
  • Exclusive industry project status - we will not perform lead generation services for your competitors for 6 months after your contract expires.


  • Our professional business development specialists are highly qualified through experience in a wide range of business environments. The team possesses an average of 15 years of professional sales/customer service and project management career history
  • Our high level of professionalism allows us to be very comfortable contacting at the top level of your target market companies and we represent you well.  
  • Your assigned specialist will become familiar with your unique goals and preferred approach, representing you at the highest professional level and partnering with your internal sales team.
  • Team characteristics include: excellent communications skills, ability to relate to all types of people, confident, strong work ethic, excellent organization skills, reliable, persistent, attentive to detail, efficient, resilient, self motivated and optimistic.
  • Team leadership is provided by Clarette C. Martin,  management, sales and marketing consultant of over 25 years  - (see About Us)


  • Program pilot -100 hours includes any required script refinement; contract extension for continuation in 100 hour segments accomplished with a simple contract addendum.
  • Program reporting weekly and 100 hour summaries provided. We use the ACT contact management system, which provides a range of reporting options.  Client Company receives the calling program benefits with/without their ACT program.
  • Email, fax or snail mail fulfillment is handled by client unless otherwise agreed and separately contracted.
  • Program objectives include generation of both leads & appointments. as an example, qualified leads represent interested prospects who need more details to be sent and/or a phone consultation by an internal sales team member.
  • Lead criteria is defined further in project implementation stage.

YOUR Project

  • The majority of calling programs result in a qualified lead or appointment approximately every 4.5 -5 hours. Quantity of results factors include quality of data base, depth and complexity of script design, non phone activities plus the market ranking status/competition factors. .
  • Database is provided by client company unless otherwise agreed and client company is responsible for the quality of the data. Quality and quantity of results from calling program are directly related to data base quality.
  • Targeted lists are available as a specific, separate project  or component of a calling program.
  • An existing database is further qualified during the calling program, which can include specific survey components. However, an official survey project has a different structure and a separate contract.
  • Client provides script, fulfillment  and collateral marketing material. There are no set up fees; however, any program preparation required is counted as part of total hours
  • The lead generation process often extends beyond the initial contact. It may be that the timing for your offering is off, a follow up cycle is required in order to develop this sales contact into a qualified prospect, thus filling the pipeline. As contact is continued with the prospect, rapport is built until the opportunity is more viable. Attractive and informative marketing tools are an enhancement for adding dimension to follow up stages. The continuation is handled by us or by your own internal sales team.
  • The number of calls made per hour is directly affected by the type of script utilized; i.e. - qualification questions and/or the addition of survey type questions will require that each call take more time, which increases the result quality.


  • Calling rate is $35-45.00 per hour (Range reflects project variables. Most other similar quality B2B service programs range minimum  $65 per hour and up to $100 per hour and more)
  • Long distance costs are covered within the base program fee.
  • Setup, script development or other program preparation is included in total hours, unless otherwise agreed
  • 100 hour minimum - the initial segment is considered a “pilot”; extension of program term is in 100 hour increments, contract extension in 100 hour increments accomplished with a simple addendum
  • Prepayment in 100 hour segments is required.  With extensions,  invoiced prior to last 20 hours of current segment

NOTE:  For long term and substantial results, a sufficient time line is required - the 100 hour segments mentioned are minimums. One important factor in getting excellent results is commitment to a long enough project to see results commensurate with those of an in-house sales team (but without the overhead). Your dedicated B2B team member gains market details over the pilot term and we provide valuable report data.


  • Standard call scheduling is 20 hours per week
  • The initial 20 to 40 hours result in process refinement. Results continue to improve exponentially - relative to duration
  • Preparation and calling begin within one week from receipt of contract and payment; however, advance planning notice is recommended at least two weeks prior to program start.